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Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy 20th Birthday Prentis

I gave him a birthday of April 25th 1988 after his once owner "Reesie" said he might have been born in February. Is that the most awesome thing for a cat to have lived 20 years? Now, I admit... they have not been all glam and glory but he's survived all of it no damn doubt. I've been around my cat longer than A job has lasted, a man... wait he's outlasted a........(never mind) and longer than some residences. WOW. And where is he now? Asleep right next me - CLOSE. My significant others were always so jealous of him. Sad....

Also, I've known/met people who despised cats to no end, those who feared cats in general and those who liked them but... well Prentis ended up getting phone calls, cards, gifts and even visits from those very same people. He's like his Mom, people friendly. (giggles)


  1. ooooh. happy birthday, PRENTIS!! 20, huh? wow! lili will be three in may, what a baby... (and she's already outlasted men, jobs and residences, too...laughs)

    give him a huge hug and a big kiss from me, will you, lady di?! but not so hard, i don't want him to get a stroke... but i honestly wish you and him that he will entry the guiness book of records as the oldest cat in the world (and still fit 'like a runner (shoe)', as we germans like to say...

  2. I think I researched it and 33 was the oldest cat. Anyhow my sis looked it up and he is 98 for really tho. I hope I live to 98 too.

    Ok, we're off for a snooze as he's already beat me to the punch. You know how them old felines are. AHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

    PS - I hugged him and he started coughing. :p

  3. Awww! Happy Belated B-Day Prentis!

    He's a cutie. I love black cats.


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