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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Awoke In Darkness and In Darkness

I woke up this morning from a dream I remember as if it really happened. This was around 4am and in the dream, I was in a severely dark room with 2 other people. I hear a scuffle between them and then one of them hits the other so hard, s/he becomes silent. The room is darker than any darkness I've ever experienced. I am searched for by the other dark figure. Yes, I can see a cloud of darkness IN the darkness searching for me. I hid under something but can hear the room being felt for my existence. I awaken... it is still dark... the cloud of darkness has followed me but it now hovering around me like a cape but a huge cape. I get up and go to the bathroom turning on the lowest light in there. The dark cape is there but not as dark as when the light goes back off. It follows me back to my room. It brings with it negative thoughts from my childhood and my things my family has gone through. It comes with a depth that makes me tear up. And as hard as I try to think of other thoughts, this cape is holding it's grip over my mind heavily and my body too. Why I am asking? Even as I place myself in other another state, as in the say NM or NV, it follows me. I can still see it's shadow around in my attempt to "day dream" it away. So I get the phone to read some spiritual passages that I hope will help. Nothing. I ask God to release me from this darkness. I ask God "what are you trying to show me". What is the message? I have never felt the depth of this darkness before in my life. My prayer is that if this is my last ever post that I let everyone whom I touched know that I love them with the deepest love I could ever love in my life. The last powerful tweet I read was posted on a person I follows timeline and it reads: "Veronica Nunn ‏@vnunn @DanielSunjata I recognize the dark that resides right next to the light in my heart. This is how I stay true. This is how I see" I will try to go back to sleep now and in an hour or so maybe arise to "The Light"...

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