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Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Edgar, The Albino Spider-Squirrel"

Being on social networks gives me knowledge in ways I cannot begin to count. I learn about new music, new videos, new tv shows and even new animals. "Animals" you say? Yes, animals. On a fairly new site entitled GetGlue, I'm conversing with a lady who has a rather friendly animal as a pet - a squirrel. There's one unique thing about him though... he's an albino. Aside from being the "neighborhood celebrity", he is definitively not winning the one life much less 9 of her feline fur children. "Edgar", as he's been named, is something of a show off in these photos she's managed to get of him.




Hope you learned something new here too. I will close this by linking the Albino Squirrel Preservation Society webpage for you to get even more knowledge about these squirrels. Go here - http://albinosquirrel.com/

Thanks to InteractThis for her contributing photos that created this Blog post.

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