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Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Earthday Is Thursday

Yeppers, on Thursday I celebrate the day I came to exist on this GOD's green, brown, clear, blue, whatever globe as we know it. Man, I've been here a looooong time but my great aunt was here longer than me. She managed to make 110 years in pretty decent mental health with some customary sips of Jack Daniels Black and "snuff" to assist no doubt. GOD bless and rest her soul. I hope I am able to see one more year much less getting to 110. I just pray for another mili-second to not be greedy.

And so I want to put my thanks to the Creator up and up first and foremost for life in and around itself. Thank you GAW to carrying me into this world when yours was collapsing. Thank you to all the women I've called "Mom" as the 3 of you deserve it after all you went thru to survive life and me. To my Dad, you are who you are and no one will ever change that. I love you no matter. No man will ever take your place. To all my blood family - blessings always and forever no matter the many distances between us. To the people I've met that have become closer than some of my blood relatives, without you we would have never shared a tear or 4, never laughed so hard our sides hurt as well as our faces nor realized that distance in miles means nothing when it comes to matters we care about - whatever it is/was.

So, I'm off to find all my birthday food freebies because I love to eat. I hope to speak to you again soon. If it should come to pass that it doesn't occur... know that I loved life and the embodiment of it - I & I 4 I.
(can't tell you what that stands for or I'd have to marry ya.

My epitaph will be far more briefer than this message:

She Lived, She Loved, She Left

Bless you all,


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