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Sunday, June 15, 2008

2 Bees From Oakland - 'Realimentary'

Not since Moms Mabley have I been impressed by the female comedians of my era and forward. I found some grand at what they are supposed to do but none have made me cry AND laugh like she did. I would choke as a child listening to her talk about her old husband and the great racial divide of that time period. Yes, I said "listening" because it was that long ago that as a Black female comedian she was not allowed on TV for many reasons. Color was just one of them. Her mouth was more raw than any man I can name today. If there were televised episodes of her, it was more likely the few movies she managed to get into during the speckled life she led.

So, today I was on You Tube and somehow landed on '2 Bees From Oakland'. I went to their channel there to see a total of 3 videos and literally fell off a queen sized bed laughing so hard. It's Miss Laura with her "homegirl" Luenell and their "one eyed therapist" view on everything. Like Katt says "evvvvvvverrrrrrrrythang" - seriously. I don't smoke weed, never have but that skit was too friggin' HAHlarious. So, without more chitter chatter, let's get to the subject matter.

2 Bees From Oakland's Official Website & 2 Bees From Oakland's YouTube Channel

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