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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Katt in DC - 5th Row Was The SHHHHHHHHHYT!!

(No photos as I was at the first of two shows that night and there was no Bentley either CUL)

Let me tell you right now, never see an event in the DAR (Constitution Hall, DC) any closer the 5th row. You're either gonna only see the top of the person's head or look straight at the stage edge - possibly a crotch. Not cute. Every time someone called the floor a rest spot for a joke, they almost disappeared. Thanks to to huge screens each side of the stage, I never missed a beat. I hear the Katt Williams concerts last night, yes both shows, were being filmed. I have no clue why but I hope that huge camera I saw to the right of me loads of times got my good side, if there was ever one. (Laughs) Anyhow, prior to going in the building I stood out side for a few...

1) because I had already heard/read about the opening acts being rap artist and I'm not into rap.

2) I wanted to get a feel how the crowd's vibe was.

While minding my own, a couple of older than me ladies were coming up the stairs. The one asked what the area was and I replied. She asked me had the show started and I told her not yet and that I only see 1 bus as opposed to the 3 I heard about the day before. She told me "they said he went to Ben's today". (Ben's is a popular chili place in DC having people like Bill Cosby and more to tout as guests. Nope, never ate nor been there). I tell you this... if Katt ever needs new material, stand outside of an event prior to the show. Man, it was OFF the meter out there. I saw a female wearing a coat zipped to the neck with thick scarf and then.. flip flops. WTF?? And someone else got into a baby daddy cell phone argument so loud, the people on the ground level were looking up. Trust me, the humor was out there in full effect. I'm a Marylander, so I'm not claiming them. (laughs)

I finally decided to go in and from the level I entered on, I was right at my seat - sweeeeeeet!! 5th friggin' ROW!! Not thats some Prince shyt hear me. I purchased my ticket right before he was being announced on The View yesterday. I swear I would have muffed up my transaction had that part of the show came on ANY earlier. No lie. I halled (like he did when he was acting out his child running) to get to the tv, laptop in both hands. (CUL) Anyhow, Klutch was on and he was ok and then XL (Xplicit Lyric) was next. She's smaller than she looks in her photos. (I damned sure gotta lose a few pounds now that I've seen how that worked out for her) She was pretty good and seemed to have got the crowd in a good mood.

D'Militant (sp??) was the MC of those show and he had his own comedic words in between everything. Simply Cookie and Leslie were side splitting funny as heck. I near cried on both of those ladies sets. Leslie torn into the first row - badly. You should have seen how nervous I was when she said something like 'I'm going down here to where the people paid good money...'. I was like ohhhh noooooo but luckily I was saved. I think that huge bodyguard is truly necessary because she gets IN people's faces and ears. That poor girl she last slammed, I wanted to see what pants she had on. I saw some gold lamé capris entering and wondered if she was the one sporting them after the "disco"/Donna Summer comments Leslie made. Between the three comic openers, they were the show for me. Unfortunately I had YouTubed KW's stuff and already knew about half of his set.

Here we go ya'll. Out of the left side comes the Katt. He tossed his nice hat in the air and some HUGE (tall and weight - ok, larger than me alright?) guy caught it who was one row in front and one seat to the left - DARN IT. So into his routine he goes starting on the huge DC painting right behind him letting us know that it was the only thing in DC that looked like that. Everything else looked like - he points to the crowd yelling "ya'll". Hmmm.... is that a good or bad reference. (laughs) He does his skit fine with no interruptions to really deviate his attention until... he's doing the part I wanted to hear the MOST. He was talking about the Flavor Flav Roast and how pissed he was the entire show. (if you saw it you'd understand. I saw it late last year wondering WHILE watching why Katt looked so pissed and now I know) So as he is talking some chick wearing a pinkish something decided to yell some crazed mess from the upper right balcony level. He stopped and told everyone that his baby mom's was there going into how you ignore her in the club while giving her that "I got TRO papers on you" look. Funnnnnnnnnnnnnny. So ole girl keeps going and he turns his back to keep his "peripheral from being distracted". "Before I say something I shouldn't like sit down b*tch and shut the f*** up" follwed and you knew he'd been there and done that before. I'm wondering if they pay people to act up because almost every show I've read about, there is ALWAYS a heckler. His set was quiet as crap to me so much that... I thought I was at an opera for a second for serious. People barely laughed and I chalked it up as they'd rather listen than laugh. Hopefully not that... OTHER... reason since there were 2 - 3 means of laughter prior to him?!?!

Soooooooo... the other joke I wanted to hear, the motorcycle stint, was the last joke of the night. Katt had sweat on him so thick, his hair was that of someone getting out of the shower - right then. I hope he lets his hair grow long again (for a pony tail) because him pushing it back so much when it won't stay seems bothersome. He spends way too much obvious time fixing the hair that just won't fix. He never used his towel nor did he get to sip his drink. I still say he should have a cordLESS mic but he seems to have been working with it so long, it never gets in the way. I also think he should refrain from actually naming his child during his set. It will call for people who do not know him to come up and ask him about the child when it's part of the joke evenif it's REAL life. And we know how people can try to get all up in your business.

Shows over and I'm walking out listening to the crowd. Some thought his females were funnier and this has been said since this tour started by a few attendees. That's cool and all because if it weren't for the tour, we might not have seen these acts at all. Ok, I might not have. Overall, $$ well spent because the seats were soooooooooooo great. I did go over to check the fan fare merch and was not moved to buy anything. One thing that did catch my eye was his new comedy/rap CD. I couldn't believe It's Pimpin' Pimpin' was going for $20 - there too. Huffpuffpassssssssssssssssssssss.........


  1. i'm so glad i got to see katt live. my wife still feels as though "pimp chronicles pt 1" is by far his best stand up (i can't argue with it), but i support dude's drive, his hustle and his values. i feel you, it's much more than being a "fan"... i really feel dude and have the uptmost respect for his craft and his ethic.

  2. And I agree with the wife, as I said ->, as for the PC1 comment as well as your last sentiment. Hope you can get back to check out the other related info I've posted in here. Not sure if you are a gamer but that GTA4 stuff tickled me.

  3. i'm a gamer, but until i get some cash for a ps3, i know nathan about gta4 aside from what i've seen on G4TV. i need to get my gaming up!

  4. Well you don't want to view that prior post about Katt being in GTA4 then now do you. (laughs). I'm not a gamer at all but I hear not only are the clips I've loaded in there but possibly more AND WKTT (http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/WKTT) has an interview with him. How it is accessed is beyond me as I've been reading a few gamer boards/forums to get their reaction to his appearance.

  5. Oh shyt, look what the research queen found Khal:

    JANE: And, some of the biggest names in comedy are coming to Liberty City.
    Katt Williams is here to do stand-up at the Split Sides club, but he was also
    part of a protest in Middle Park against injustice. I spoke with him earlier.

    JANE: Why are you here protesting?

    WILLIAMS: Let me explain somethin' to you. We are here to tell the world
    there's a lot of injustice goin' on. Sick people, old people, people that
    don't watch TV were bein' oppressed.

    JANE: How are you being oppressed?

    WILLIAMS: How am I bein'...do you know how much it costs to get a ounce of
    good weed in Liberty City? Motherfuckers want 500 dollars. How the fuck am I
    supposed to feed my kids and order Pay-Per-View wrestling, and get a
    sandwich when weed costs that god damn much? And half of it just too
    motherfuckin' strong anyway! Names like White Widow, Northern Light, AK-47,
    I'm not tryin' to order a gang, I'm tryin' to order some regular weed.

    JANE: You're not here to protest the pharmaceutical companies taking

    WILLIAMS: Hell, no. I love pharmaceutical companies, I wish I had a
    pharmaceutical company, I wish I was a pharmaceutical company. All kids should
    be on some form of pharmaceuticals. Somethin' to keep 'em calm and inside
    where they belong, not out fuckin' with my ride or stealin' my shit!

    JANE: Comedian Katt Williams. Groundbreaking illusionist Brian Vesuvius wowed
    audiences when he made his junk disappear between his legs!


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