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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Song/Video of the... #22

The Great Sam Cooke - no words need be said...

EDIT - Didn't know I left off the ^song/video that provoked the post thought. Ooooooooooooooops! Thanks 'Pound' for making me re-check my work and my typos. Whooooops!!


  1. One of our many legends that not many people speak about. A Change is Gonna Come is my favorite song by him. Every time I hear that song I flash back to the move Malcolm X when that song was playing Malcolm(Denzel in the movie) was walking. It brings a tear to my every time. The song really touches me in a strange way.

  2. You know what provoked this Sam post Pound? (Hope you don't mind the shortened name but I have tendinitis in both wrists) Anyhow, earlier today I was sitting here thinking about how I need to make some serious but crucial changes in my life. I jumped on YouTube and searched all his songs... then a blog post was created. I love Sam and kinda wish I had been born when he was singing. I love his silky smooth voice and can totally agree with you that people do not appreciate him like he should be appreciated.

    I thank you for stopping in. Please don't be a stranger as I hope something else in here will provoke a response. Have a fab day/night!!

  3. Yes his voice is very silky and smooth. The type of voice you can close your eyes to and picture what he is singing about. Oh yeah I love Sam Cooke. Not many people speak of him and that is sad. I understand about the changes. The music we listen to for the most part tells the mood we are in. That is why many blame rap music for a lot of the negative we have. When I listen to a Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye or someone like that I am usually in a very mellow mood. A great time to talk to me. If I am listening to some hard foul mouth rap, I maybe in a bad mood. Or I will adopt their language and say something mean. I am sure you know what I mean too. I figure if you are listening to Sam Cooke you have something weighing on your mind but through his song and voice you know everything will be okay because A Change Is Gonna Come.

  4. Oh do I know about the angry cRAP music of today. I was just telling someone that the reason I listen to Instrumental music MORE is to get away from ANY ONE's voice for that matter. R&B isn't bout much either. I guess I am really showing those gray strands, huh Pound?

    I'm not into boxing as much as when I was in my 20's but I did stop on your Blog. Looks like you put a lot of work into it. Did not read but are you a boxer or where you?

    Again, thanks loads for stopping in. I have another oldie but goodie to bring out when I get some time. I was born in the 60's and can really appreciate the music from that era.

  5. Well I was born in the 80s and I just do not listen to rap much anymore. The rap I listen to is usually from when I was 15-17, so about 10 years old. The new stuff I cannot get into at all. I have grown so much more than what rap has. I listen to a lot of jazz such as Kirk Whalum, Norman Brown, Dave Koz, Kim Waters and the list goes on. I do listen to R&B but no one too explicit except R.Kelly. I just don't know why but whatever he puts out I just still love despite his issues in other areas. I judge the music not the person, for many that is hard to seperate but I started saying to myself I am not his maker. So if he is guilty of what has been said then God Bless His Soul.

    As for me, no I do not box. I have always loved boxing since I was a kid though. Funny thing is I am so far from violence it is not even funny yet I can watch boxing. I do NOT watch any of the MMA and all that mess. But if you read my blog you will see hotheads like Zab Judah I do not like because of their attitudes. I feel if you box you should do your job and get out of the ring, not have outburst and draw negative attention. Not a fan of negative attention at all. Too many people are watching and many will imitate what you have done so make sure what you do is positive.

  6. I am right on cue with the music stuff Pound. I share your view 100% being older than you. Now, did you hear Rahsaan Patterson's new stuff? HE IS SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET!! I have all his work except the new one, I think?? Anyhow, I was always into the "crooners" J. Gill, Levert, LSG, Al B Sure, Chirs Williams, Keith Sweat (speaking of seen Sweat Hotel?? - saw a show synopisis on TVOne New Years and was like I NEED TO BUY THAT - RIP Gerald))

    Oh yes, and that last line goes for them cRAP artist too. How many kids out here trying so hard to "imitate" their favorite entertainer and muffing it all up because they have not a CLUE.

    I MOD on Xzibit's Fan Forum and every now and then I have to cuss KIDS out for the ill usage of N-word. All in damn foreign countries they calling themselves "first white nigga", "nigga like??" and more. I was HOT and schooled them REAL QUICK you can believe. So now, even the kids who are MODs ban the word. And where did they get it?? All your cRAP artist music but the cRAP artist is not defining it NOR educating kids on the usage - bad or damn bad.

    And of course I get asked about supporting people like Xzibit and Katt when they use the word and then I just sit down and stfu because I'm tired of arguing...

  7. I love the crooners too. Johnny Gill is one of my favorites. Kissing You by Keith Washington, oh my. I love that song. Luther, yes Gerald Levert. When it comes to jazz I love Walter Beasley too. I saw you like Najee, so you know my section of the store, LOL.

    The N-Word, wow I usually try not to say it too much and when I do I do not say it in public. Too many people say it on tv and then when outsiders say it they want to get mad. It is a touchy subject and word and I try not to say it. Nothing embarasses me more than being out in public and hearing saying it over and over like it ain't nothing. Makes me feel very uncomfortable. There is a lot of hurt behind the word. As stated I have gone away from rap because they glorify the word and other things that should not bragged about. Personally I think we should stop using it but everyone has their view and none of the views are the same.

    Oh yeah I have the new Rashaan Patterson but can't nothing touch his first one and never forget that. The first one is the one for sure.

  8. Oh Keith Washington, could I leave him off the list. Where is HE now?? WOW. There are so many though, you know it. Walter is in my collection as is the female ladies of instruments such as Pamela Williams (relatively unheard of but AWESOME) and Mindi Abair. I do not have any of the Asian lady who's name I can never write but I am sure you know who I mean. Keyboards?? I am brain dead now, sorry. But she is NOICE!!

    I have a CD by JK entitled What's The Word. I researched him when that CD was given to me, *cough*bootleg*cough* and still to this day never heard any more from him nor did I ever find ANY info on him. Saxophonist, if I recall. The person who gave it to me never had info either as it was given to him too. George Duke, Winton Marsalis and Herbie Hancock are our pioneer extraordinaries yes??

    I may not get to Blog as I have studies kicking in now. I'll do better responding to you and any other visitor(s) who feel like typing in some lines. Since we share some loves of life, I feel honored to have you here Pound. I linked your site as payment, if you will. Tomorrow YOU!!

  9. Oooooooooops - N word. I try not to say it at all because I don't know the protocol. If I have to ask, then I just don't. It's best to stay away from it because you never know who you'll offend. They tell me if I feel like this then I am not comfortable in my skin. And I say oh hell yeah I am, call me it and you will feel just how so - OK? (laughs)

    Off here... for now...

    PS - do you like Katt Williams? He's coming here in April and pre-sale tickets was this morning. Gutted because I wasn't prepared for that. Arrrrrrrrghhhhhhhh.

  10. Of course I am going to add you to my page when I get home tonight.

    The Asian lady you speak of is Keiko Matsui. A guy who used to cut my hair hipped me to her.

    Keith Washington??? I don't know where he is but I know where that song is on my computer. LOL

    I love Pamela Williams too. I have a few of her cds. I like the new Kirk Whalum entitled Roundtrip. I have a lot to learn still on the jazz tip but I do like it and try to go to the concerts whenever I can. This past summer I met Dave Koz, David Benoit and Phil Perry when the came to town. Phil Perry, what can I say that voice is just so lovely. He has never got his just due. Will Downing has not either.

    As for the N-Word I agree it is better to not say it. People need to learn if it bothers someone just stay away from it instead of saying it then trying to justifying it.

    I like Katt Williams he makes me laugh. I am going to see Sinbad this weekend. FYI I live in the KC area and that is where he is going to be. Where do you live? I will check to see if it is on your profile.

  11. Yep, that's her name. She is just damn awesome. I used to go to these Jazz Festivals @ Fort Meade, MD. I kinda got uninterested and have not been back since. They lasted over 3 days and man, it was intense.

    I love all the guys you mentioned and have work by all of them too. Fourplay, now that's my group no matter how many changes they make to the line-up. I have almost all their CD's too. I need to get back to my collecting when extra $$'s come back my way again.

    Kansas City?? WOW... I am in Maryland not far from Baltimore. I hope I can get to see him either down there or in say NJ, VA, DC.

  12. Yes I am a midwest boy for life. The coast are too fast for my laid back style.

    I like Fourplay too. Norman Brown is from KC originally and I met him too. Jazz though is treated to the backseat nowadays. More grown people like jazz and therefore the money is not there in it. The only way most of these artists make their money is by touring which is why their tickets seem to be expensive. You don't see jazz artists on the Billboard 100 often. Sure Norah Jones debuts high but she is a crossover success. You know what I want to do one day and hopefully this year or next and that is go on one of those smooth jazz cruises. The one that Dave Koz or some of the others put together. I think that would be so so so so much fun.

    FYI I added you under the title great bloggers and friends on my page.

  13. I just want to get off the East Coast. I've never lived anywhere else. You Pound?

    Right you are again. I did find like 4 youngerster who happen to like Old school jazz but it was just that few. I love AN instrument... African music can be sooo sweet. I have a CD or two by Lady Blacksmith Mamboza and some other tribal work as well. I love Caribbean music but not so much Roots. Lover's Rock, Dancehall, etc. THe dancey stuff not the conscious. But Luciano is the grand master, no doubt. Ken Booth, he's nice, uhmm Toots & The Maytals. And of course Bob, as I didn't have to say.

    Don't really get into all his son's music too toughly but they're cool here and there. Shaggy, Maxi & Red Fox are cool peeps with me so you know I support them all the way.

    Thank you for adding my Blog in. Haven't been over to see if you responded but I'mma hop on over now.

    See ya!

  14. Where would you want to go? The midwest is kinda of laid back. Chicago is kinda big city and fast but the rest of the midwest is laid back and cool. I could never live on a coast. Too fast for my blood.

    Oh your music taste is really broad. If I go to a African place I will hear some of the music but I have never thought about purchasing it. I know almost nothing about it. I know some reggae but not a lot. I have found that a lot of East Coast people tend to like reggae. Not sure if it is something you are exposed to more on the East Coast or not. Shaggy and Maxi Priest are cool but I usually do not hear much from them unless it is a major hit.

  15. Nevada. I have NO clue why but my mind has been set on that state since, wow... 10+ years now. Maryland shuts down at 5 PM and continues on till around 10 the latest. We have 24 hour posts like Walmart and the local gas station plus those that aren't attached ot gas stations. And then, that's it. GHOST TOWN.

    I want to go where you can do ish all hours of the day/night. My life doesn't stop at 5 PM nor does it end at 11 PM. This state is beyond boring. And to think there was a time that Sunday was sacred and no stores were open, ok.

    Anyhow, my adopted parents were in their 40's when they acquired me. So I grew up on Count Bassie, Sarah Vaughn, Ella, Nat, and you can name the rest I bet. I had the young Elton John, Frank, Dean and Sammy too. Liberace was her favorite - ick. Fats Domino was another. And so I am not stuck in an "era" persay nor a genre. I just listen to QUALITY music. I listened to so much Harry Belafonte and Eartha Kitt it was crazy. Hence why I can barely appreciate cRAP today. And yeah, I was influenced by Hugh Masekela for the reggae very early on. Mother #2 was West AND Native American Indian, WOAH!!

  16. I wanted to move to Vegas too. I believe there is no income or state tax there one or the other. I like to do things at all times of the day too. Sometimes I go to the store like at midnight and do all of my grocery shopping because there is no one there.

    You really do just love music no matter what kind. I am a huge Nat King Cole fan myself. I love Elton John, I went to see him when he came a few years ago. I also saw Billy Joel in December. I can appreciate the other artists you named however I do not know their stuff that well.

  17. Nooooooooo, not Vegas. Any place other than. I had 2 online peeps from there and they didn't have anything to say bad about it. I have to research Reno and/or some other cities to know exactly where for sure. If I recall right, the property tax there is really high in the entire state. You're going to catch it one way or another, no matter.

    I had to listen to loads of styles despite my accord or discord for it. Opera - never could handle it but I tell you. When I was a kid you could nlt tell me Mahalia Jackson was not singing some sort of Operatic melody. I loved her voice but I had to her it more times than I can EVER recall. I can appreciate it much better having grew up in several eras and forms, I think.

    I hear Shaggy talk about how Jamaica was genre-less when he grew up and therefore it diversified his music appreciation too. Big Band, Swing and Bop (Little Richard's stuff) was just wicked music. REAL music... and more than 3/4 of it was fun even if I had no clue about the lyrics. Not today's stuff. I haven't turned the radio on in about 4 years or more. Between the bleeps and the commercials... boring.

    So, besides boxing... are you a movie buff too? Don't me Pound. CUL I just saw part 3 of the Harry Potter series... yaaaaaaaaawn. I'm a HUGE movie lover. Old and new there too.

  18. I love Vegas. I have thought about moving there but the heat scares me.
    I have to say your musical taste is just great. You can go pretty much anywhere and have a music conversation. I do not listen to the radio much either except if I find out in advance there is a great contest and I want to win. I am like Sugar Ray Leonard with the radio, every time there is something I want I come out of radio retirement to participate.

    When I was unemployed a few years ago I used to live in Blockbuster but nowadays I do not do too many movies. It cost too much to go. Boxing is my big thing. I know plenty of other things but boxing is my true passion.

  19. I'm ready for some friggin' heat. I don't care if I ever, no evaaaaaah see snow again in my life. AAHAAA, no joke.

    Oh that reminds me, I might try to WIN Katt tickets IF they give any away here. Guess I'll have to turn on the radio after all. Drat. SR of radio. That's cute. Speaking of, last time I read anything about Ray, didn't his son make him grand dad? And marry a white girl? Or am I confused? How about Durrell?? The youngest son? And what's Ray up to now? Is he still married to the chick after Juanita?

    I'm a broke movie junkie only because yeears ago, I invested in a 52 inch with cabinetry at the bottom for 4 different units (which it has) and space for vids too. It is a HUGE SOB. AHAHAHAHA. It's on wheels but still, the back is that HUGE back ya know. I wish I had went for the flatter model BUT... none had that glass door storage underneath. And miss I hate to clean glass has a home full of it and mirrors ok.

    So, you know I do NO movie theaters because I am set as far as I'm concerned. Have seen my neighbors fly out of their house a few times due to volume. But, I did see First Sunday because I liked the trailers, it has Baltimore represented kinda and Talbert is a grad of my old college. The last play I saw was His Woman, His Wife. I used to go to festivals of all kinds too - loads. I still do but not as much for many reasons.

    Ok, off to read something. :D

  20. You say you want heat until you get it. Nevada in June will toast you girl. As for Sugar Ray's kids, not a clue. His wife, not a clue. LOL. He is involved with this reality show for boxers called The Contender. Originally it was on NBC but it did not fare too well there and ESPN picked it up. He also has a workout video with Laila Ali that is real good. Yes I bought it and I use it. It is real good.

    Yes anything that is not a flat screen is too big nowadays. I hate to tell you but your investment went down like the Dow did today on the market. If you don't know what I mean, take a look at the stock market for the day. I do not see too many plays because not many come to our area. I wish Tyler Perry would take a break because his stuff is becoming very predictable to me right now.

  21. Ok on SR info,

    Oh hush about investments going down. The TV needs to be replaced because while there should be image of A actor, I usually have two. I just love that TV for the movies which play pretty good for now...

    One day, I want the whole enchilada as for the flat panel whatever shemook. ONE DAY!!

    Oh yeah TP is as boring as Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock and Eddie Griffin now. I yawn just hearing their names. (woo, I suddenly feel sleepy)


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