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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Got Snow?

The guys reading are like " we're not that deep girl. We're simple Di, you just think too much." And my only response is, "poor simple poo... I mean... Hi, sweetie, how ya doing?" (CUL)

I've met some wonderful people across the globe thanks to Michael Delorenzo, Shaggy, Gary Dourdan, Xzibit and now Katt Williams. What's funny about meeting people online is that there are some who've never experienced something so beautiful as snow. Since Maryland's been on and off a snow watch this year alone and even closer - Thursday, I thought I'd get me ready mentally if nothing else. My fridge is stocked ok but if you want to send care packages I'm not going to pretend to be ungrateful. Just ask me what my food allergies are and we'll be just fine. Oh, Prentis gets a wee hungry too, just so you know. (laughs)

So for those who've never, ever experienced snow and/or those who would just LOVE a nice lil reminder, I'm linking my memories from '93. Go here to see my Acura completely covered and is sitting to the left of the gray van. That was the second largest snowstorm I had witnessed in my life. To tell you the other time will tell my age and that's on a need to know basis. You don't NEED to KNOW!

Have fun and if you ever need some snow, we can safely arrange to swap places provided you live in a snow-LESS area like uhmmmmmm Hawaii. (laughs)

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